Facility Layout & How to Pack Your Unit

Easily find your unit before you drive to the facility by reviewing our facility layout. 

Not sure the best way to pack your unit? No problem! Scroll down to follow our simple guide for the best way to pack your unit.

Packing Your Unit

1) Organize: use boxes or bins that are the same size for easy stacking. Think of life-sized Tetris. Different sizes = difficult stacking. Also, make an itemized list of what's inside to help for future reference. If you need to stack furniture, never stack it on top of bins or unsteady items.

2) Space: pack bins as full as you can with heaviest items on the bottom & lightest items on the top. Separate heavy items between multiple bins, for easy lifting. The more items in a each bin, helps save space. Fill in empty space in the bin with packing paper or packing peanuts. While packing your unit, place heavy boxes on the bottom of the stack with lighter ones on top.

3) Cleanliness: it's always smart to use furniture covers in any type of storage setting, especially in non-climate controlled. Use palettes to stack boxes on to prevent easy access for pests. Leave room in-between your items & the unit wall for proper ventilation.

4) Aisle: give yourself room in the middle of your unit from front to back, just in case you need to access items throughout your storage term.

5) Extra Protection: we require that you lock your unit with a round, disc lock. Disc locks are proven to be more difficult to cut.